Human skills & future (UK)

10 areas where organisations are most at risk of jeopardising their future success

Employers are failing to use human skills to mitigate future work risks. This a conclusion of PersonnelToday article, based on a PWC report. As a large majority (87%) of organisations believe that human skills are critical for the future, and talents’flexibility is a priority, few are maximising them in the right way, and only 45% of employers give their staff flexibility around where they work, PwC found. The ten areas where organisations were most at risk of jeopardising their future success :
1. making data-driven decisions (41%)
2. predicting and monitoring skills gaps (34%)
3. using data analytics to remove bias from hiring and reward (34%)
4. HR’s understanding of technology (34%)
5. engaging with flexible talent (34%)
6. giving the workforce manageable workloads that allowed them to make full use of holiday allowance (33%)
7. using sophisticated workforce planning (33%)
8. allowing employees to choose multiple career paths (32%)
9. having talent practices and processes that nurture agility and adaptability (32%)
10. designing workspaces to promote wellbeing (31%).

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PWC report.